Sunday, January 20, 2013

Childhood Friends

Hello dear readers... 

I usually don't post this kind of thing, but today I want to share.

I grew up in a small California town. The friends I met in kindergarten were the friends I graduated high school with. One of those dear friends is Kambria. Kambria and I spent our childhoods together. We had sleep overs. Her dad coached the first basketball team we ever played on. We went to junior high dances together. We took college entrance exams together. And off and on, we met for coffee in later years to discuss college and marriage and then had our babies at the same time. As Shakespeare says, Kambria is the "calendar of my nativity". We've walked this life together.

 Here she is below a few weeks ago with her newborn daughter, Willow.

Kambria is also mother to these two sweet peas, Kirra and Griffin.

While delivering Willow, doctors discovered and removed an over-enlarged ovary. Tests have now confirmed that Kambria has Neuroendcorine Carcinoma High grade - an extremely rare and aggressive cancer that has moved quickly throughout her body and brain. My darling friend is fighting for her life. She has undergone surgery and now faces months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  And all of this within a month of delivering her third child.

Kambria is an extraordinary human. I have no doubt that she will beat the living daylights out of this cancer and reclaim her beautiful life. But while she's doing that, I don't think she should spend her precious energy trying to muscle through the crushing debt of cancer bills.

Read more about Kambria 
and donate to her medical fund by clicking HERE


Terrena said...

What a wonderful tribute to your special friendship. God bless Kambria and help her and her family get through this. Much love and prayers coming her way. Terrena

Fran said...

This is so sad and I have donated a little something to the fund. For all its faults, the NHS in the UK that offers free health care certainly stops people having to worry about funding their treatment. I wish your friend a speedy recovery xxx

Sarah Greenman said...

Thank you Terrena and Fran.

HoneyFern School said...

Sending love and light to your friend, along with a small donation. I wish it was more.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely make a donation.

In Australia costs would be covered by the public health system largely at no cost to the patient. This means mean specialist doctors and hospitalisation in the public hospitals available and free.

It is a terrible situation that in a wealthy nation like the US this is not also the case.

Chimmy said...

Hi Sarah,

I have been loving your blog for quite some time now. Thank you for sharing your life,light and your loves with us.

I'm so terribly sorry to hear this is happening to your friend Kambria. I will lift her and her family up in prayers and make a donation very soon.

Please consider sharing her story with the Monkees for more support and love to come her way:

Much Love and Peace