Friday, December 07, 2012

Midcentury Modern Ju-Nel Home

I'm excited to share with you my latest offering on
a tour of a fantastic Midcentury modern home built by Ju-Nel Homes.

When Mark and Betsy Nanchy first laid eyes on this home, it was stripped to the studs, was missing several walls and had holes in the floor revealing dirt below. Rotting due to years of neglect, the structure was in the middle of a remodel by New Leaf Construction. Built by Dallas' famous Ju-Nel Homes architects in 1965, this home had been an entrant in the New York World's Fair's "Home of the Future" series. The model house had been sponsored by the Formica company, so Formica products decked the home from top to bottom.

Despite the mess, the couple recognized the potential this home had. They had been searching for two years and knew exactly what they were looking for. The large lot, beautiful neighborhood, surrounding trees and midcentury-style interior sealed the deal.

Read the full article and see all the photos HERE.

Tulip art by Tamara White

Blue art by Tamara White

Art by Caleb Jack

Art by Caleb Jack

Read the full article and see all the photos HERE.
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Little Pieces of Light said...

I love the design of the bedroom! Especially that gorgeous painting. Thanks for sharing :)