Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hold On

I'm a mess today. Yesterday's events in Newtown, Connecticut have left me heartbroken and grasping for my babies.  Today, my heart and mind is with the families who lost their precious never-to-be-held-again children in the massacre. There will be no making sense of this except to hold on to what is good in this world.


Francine Gardner said...

That is what I am trying to do...holding on

Connie said...

Sometimes it is just too much. I feel gutted. Hug those babies for me.
I love you.

Little Pieces of Light said...

It really is incredible. It's time for a change: people cannot continue to live like this. Children should have a safe place to live and learn in. My hearts truly go out to those families who will not be spending Christmas with their babies this year.