Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scheduling Art & Literature

New from the studio:

36" x 24" Acrylic  --  "Chinatown"

In an attempt to squeeze more hours in the day for creative pursuits, I've been waking up super early to work in my home studio.  My usual tendency is to put the kids to bed at 8, drink a glass of wine or two with the hubs, clean up the chaos of the day and THEN sit down to write or paint.  As you can imagine, the quality of my work was kind of cruddy.  So, I've switched it up.  Here's my super duper new and improved Mama making art schedule:

4:30am in the studio working, writing and painting
7:00am join the family for breakfast, lunch packing and send off
8:30am bootcamp work out with Charlie in tow
9:30am accompany Charlie to his therapy and medical appointments until1pm
1:00pm pick up Walker from school and come up with engaging afternoon activities
4:00pm Jack home, me back in the studio office for writing, photo editing, etc.
5:30pm dinner and evening time with family
8:00pm bedtime, wine and clean up
8:30pm hang out with the hubs and watch (enter liberal comedy news outlet here)
9:30pm sleep

So far its working well.  I'm normally not a morning person, but life with little ones has dictated my new schedule.  I'll check back in a few weeks about my morning studio time - I might be singing a different song.  xo



Guuuauuuu!!! spectacular routine...!!!
here 10:00pm dinner and 5:30 pm tentempié....
very nice you blog and always look at their works!!!

Leah said...

love the new painting! the new schedule must be working for you. I truly admire your dedication. I"m not sure anything could get me up at 4:30!

Sarah Greenman said...

leah - thank you! I didn't think I could get up at 4:30 either. I'm such a night owl. But these times call for desperate measures, I suppose. xo

Rachel Anderson said...

Love the new piece!!!!

So proud of your new sched... Its pretty similar to mine but Yes, the post dinner/wine work time usually gets eliminated or half-assed..Perhaps I should give the early bird sched a whirl! R

Anonymous said...

Love the paining -do more and then sell them!

Keates Nelson said...

That's great! I have to do the same--write before my creative energy is sucked up by other activities. Funny--it seems to fuel those other things, too.