Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing for Free

I've been living in Dallas now for five years.  The city has really grown on me and now, I feel very at home here.  The only thing missing, besides any kind of topography, is street musicians.  Every big city I've ever lived in or visited in the US or abroad has street musicians. But I have never heard a musician playing on the downtown streets of Dallas. Strange isn't it. Especially in a place where country western and jazz are so huge! 

photo sources unknown to me 


Moon to Moon said...

I love street music too. We have loads in Bristol some great and some hideously bad, but either way I have maximum respect for them... love the joni btw

Connie said...

Oh Sarah, I KNOW! I live in San Diego and there are no street musicians here either!!! Even with all the nice weather! I grew up in Montana where the weather is Intense and the population is sparse and there were Always street musicians! What is up?? I LOVE the images of buskers and well, joni......