Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Me, Elsewhere

Dear readers - thank you for all of your comments and emails after this weekend's MELTDOWN. I'm still in a tough spot, trying to figure out what's next.  But I so appreciate your messages of solidarity and "been there, wrote the postcard."  You're all so lovely, you know.

This morning, my home is featured on Moon to Moon - one of my favorite blogs about bohemian interiors!  If you've never been to Moon to Moon, its a beautiful  treasure den of gypsy boho spaces.  Head over and take a look HERE.

Also, don't forget to enter our current giveaway!  Local Texas artist, Rachel Anderson from One Man's Trash, is giving away a beautiful multimedia cuff bracelet.  Click HERE to enter.

You need to WIN this gorgeous bracelet!


barbara said...

I believe meltdowns are Mother Nature's way of asking us to PLEASE pay attention to the things that need paying attention to, and since we've been willfully ignoring them at our peril, here's a little meltdown to focus us. I went through my own meltdown about two months ago. It cleared up a lot of things in my mind, made me prioritise, get back to saying "no" when all my senses were screaming that it was required, and spurred me finally to speak my mind to several people who needed speaking to.

Whew! Did that all ever feel good.

Dovile said...

I somehow don't believe in sayings like "keep calm&carry on", they keep so many things latent, to be "carried" really under your own skin, while staying "calm". Would prefer some poster simply calling me to see bigger picture - lifting up to see how the puzzle works, to see pieces connected. I've 2 children myself, even their running nose can make such sad frustration, so how about bigger troubles? Dear friend overseas - be strong, but let yourself be sometimes weak also, proudly get some catharsis - it's needed to really be moved on.

I love your blog (on facebook also), we're making our own nest at the moment, and Your founds are real inspiration.. maybe similar taste :)

Greetings from Lithuania.