Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Firmoo Eyewear Review

I have worn glasses my whole life.
So when offered to send me a free pair, I was all over it!
Here is my review of their products:

Want to try your first pair for free? 
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Anonymous said...

Hi there. The pink ones are super cute on you! As long as the prescription is accurate, just the rest to any optician and they will straighten them for you. Easy fix.
The sunglaases too, they can warm up the temple, then straighten them and put the curve farther back to fit your ear. You can't blame Firmoo, everyone's head is a bit different. Well, maybe the uneven ones should have been symetrical, but it can be adjusted easily. HTH

Sarah Greenman said...

Thanks for your comment - and yes, I think you are right on all accounts. I heard back from Firmoo today, and they definitely want to make it right. So I'm going to try some adjustments and get them ready to wear because all in all, they're nice.

Emily said...

Hope the others will work for you if after getting them adjusted. I'm going to check into a free pair myself!
Just read below that you got the yellow chairs. Yipee!

Karri said...

Thanks for sharing this. I just ordered a free pair, and fingers crossed they'll be good. And yes, an optometrist can help with the others. I have uneven ears, so almost all of mine have had to be adjusted, meaning I have to intentionally make most of my frames crooked! :)

Karri said...

Hi Sarah!

Just wanted to drop in with a little note about my Firmoo glasses. I ordered my free pair on Sep 27 after reading your blog. In the meantime, my new pup chewed up my only other pair, so I was eagerly awaiting my new ones. I got them today, and they are cute! Decent quality frames and lenses, fit great, and accurate prescription. I'll be ordering another pair very soon. Fingers crossed that I continue to have good experiences with them. Thanks for the original review.

Sarah Greenman said...

That is fantastic, Karri. If you use the links from my website, I'll get a commission from your purchase... just FYI. xoxo