Monday, September 24, 2012

Dreaming about a Kitchen Update

I love my kitchen. Its a galley style space with a good working triangle (sink, fridge stove) and nice light.  We have a little eat-in area where my family can gather while I tinker with food and beverages. My floors are wood and the cabinets are white. Overall, it's lovely.

There are a few things, though, that I'd love to change about the space. My goal would be to update the look of the kitchen, create some more visual interest and keep it fresh, white and clean. One would be to replace my vinyl counter tops.  I'm thinking about butcher block.  I love the look of it and some of my favorite working kitchens have butcher block. When my husband and I were in Italy, we stayed at a Hermitage that had a guest kitchen for our use. I loved the butcher block counter tops backed with a tile back splash.  Thoughts? Do any of you have experience with butcher block counter tops that you'd care to share with me?  I'm seriously considering it.

The second thing I'd like to do is (you guessed it) a tile backsplash. I don't want to do anything crazy, although Moroccan Arabesque tiles in white or blue did cross my mind. But I think white, clean, fresh subway tiles would be best in my small-ish kitchen. Thoughts?

And finally, my sink and my fridge are currently leaking.  I'd love to replace the sink and faucet with an open style white porcelain basin. Our current sink is divided into two and I don't really care for that style. And for the fridge - in my dream world, we'd get one that has two doors side to side to save space in the kitchen. I'm always opening our huge fridge door, which opens all the way to the other wall, blocks the entrance to the kitchen and stops up the works.

 Here are some photos from my inspiration file:








Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

A counter and backsplash would totally change the space without spending a ton! And you could do the work yourself which would be even better. My friend has these counters, I will ask her how they've held up. She got hers from Ikea. Times like labor day, black friday etc are great times to get appliances on sale. We got our fridge around that time last year and saved about $600ish but our french door was still about $1300, not cheap but it has made a big difference!

Connie said...

Yes, yes, yes. I love all those photos. A lot of these ideas you could do yourself (with your mamas help) I'd love to tile your backsplash. I even have a box of subway tile left.
PS Get out of my head! ;-)

Keates Nelson said...

I have an IKEA wood countertop, too. Love it, but it's not around my sink. I'd be willing to risk the sloppiness of it, maybe.

I so much wish I had a double sink, though. No room, the way the dishwasher and counter is set up. Having a single sink is a pain. No way to separate dirty and clean, vegie washing and used prep dishes.

I'd like to tile, also, but I think I'd go for color. Then again, white spares you the agony of deciding which colors!

Anonymous said...

I know many who absolutely LOVE their John Boos & Co. American Hardwood Butcher Block counter and island tops!

They make BEAUTIFUL work surfaces... Hard Rock Maple, American Cherry, or American Black Walnut.

Mollie@Kitchen Accessories said...

I like the idea having a glass at the roof to conserve energy during the day.great choices!