Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Old Glory

My family and I are going to stay home today.  We'll be working in the garden, playing in the kiddie pool and dining on grilled cheese and fruit salad.  Instead of watching fire works this year, we'll put the kids to bed early and watch an old episodes of the the Dick Van Dyke Show over a big bowl of popcorn. How do you and your family celebrate your independence?

Ralph Lauren


Emily said...

4th of July is extra special for us because it is my youngest's birthday! But, all of Colorado has banned fireworks this year due to the raging fires in our state : ( Have a nice day Sarah!

Sarah Greenman said...

Yay! Happy birthday to your kiddo! My birthday is tomorrow... I always thought the fire works were for me. Ha!

Connie said...

Oh Sweetheart, they were for you! We just let everyone else think they were for the 4th celebration. ;o

We have neighbors on each end of the big field, who both put on quite a fireworks show. Last year it was pretty impressive, and I'm told by my neighbor to the north, that this year will be even bigger. So I can sit in my yard with a glass of wine and enjoy the show, and not have to drive home.

mikky said...

Happy bday for tomorrow and sounds like you had a nice relaxing day today. All the best for the year ahead.


Jeanne Medina said...

Love me some Dick Van Dyke! We let the professionals entertain us with fireworks.

Anonymous said...

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