Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Floor to Ceiling Art

Today I'm loving the look of art hung from floor to ceiling.  I have always been told to hang art where people can view it best.  But these days, I've got so much art I want to hang up that I'm running out of eye level spots.  I'm considering taking our gallery wall in the dining room from the floor to the ceiling. 





Katherine said...

Lovely! This is just so creative and why not have the art all around? It looks fantastic! :)


Appletree said...

that first one is what I want my home to feel like

Rebecca said...

Yyyep. Yep!

Anonymous said...

Art is amazing it transforms homes and yet it's another form of communication

Marina Pérez said...

I have lots of painting at home but I?ve never had the idea of hanging them in this way. I love it