Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Floppy Boho Sun Hats

Yesterday I was outside watering my veggie garden for about 15 minutes.  When I returned to the house, I realize that I'd picked up a little sun - in just 15 minutes I was pink and a little tender around the cheeks and forehead.  I guess its time to add a sun hat to my sunscreen routine.  But I don't want some silly old bucket hat.  I want something stylish, floppy and fit for a boho queen.  Any of the below would be just fine, thank you.




source unknown to me






NotesFromAbroad said...

Once upon a time, in another land , I was a hat model . I used to look good in any hat. Now I am in love with these large brimmed (hide my face) hats and look forward to wearing them in the summer.
We are on our way into the winter now ~

Just White said...

I have a weakness for hats!
And this photos are just amazing!
I am your new follower number 1000!
Have a lovely day!

Eva Sorribas said...

Greetings,Fancy Eva

Corrina said...

Hi Sarah, love these hats. We're going from Autumn into winter so not so much of a need for hats right now- go to my blog
and check out one of my summer posts a photo shoot I did called - retro beach babe I think you might like the hat we styled the model with here too. xxCorrina. PS I hope Charlie is doing well.

The Belly Dancer said...

I love all hats! This is a lovely blog you have. You've won a follower on me. Visiting from Pinterest. You'd make my day if you stopped by my blog


Thank you and have a great rest of the week.

Nuha said...

yes, yes, and an even bigger yes! absolutely adore all types of hats with the floppy hat being at the top :-)