Thursday, April 26, 2012

Warrior Dash

I usually don't post this kind of stuff here, but it was so much fun, I thought you'd enjoy a little update.  On Sunday morning, when other Texans were in church, my friend Mallory and I ran the Warrior Dash.  What is Warrior Dash?  It's a 5K with all sorts of military-style obstacles thrown in for good measure - ie. scaling walls, belly crawling through trenches, balance beam over big piles of gooey mud, etc.  If you've been following my other blog, Smaller Sarah, you know that I'm on a one year journey to lose 75 pounds.  Well, I have only one month left and only 10 more pounds to go!  Yay for me.  Aaaaanydoodles, here are the photos of me and my bud, Mallory, during Sunday's Warrior Dash in Roanoke, TX.  Don't we look dainty?

Emerging from the lagoon...

Crossing the finish line covered in stanky-funky mud.  So gross.

Here is my before and after shot from the race.  
Before: a busy working stay-at-home-mama and after: Warrior Queen.

All cleaned up in my official tee-shirt and my "I didn't die" medal.

Regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.
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Still Blooming said...

YAY!!! WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post, mud and all! It's absoulutely FANTASTIC and you must be so proud of yourself!
sending much LOVE and hugs to you, XOxo

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said...

CONGRATS, girl!!!! You are such an inspiration! oxox

Jay said...

Love it.
Seriousely, amazing.
You are an inspiration.

Love your glorious smile.

A Perfect Gray said...

yay! I bet that feels great! donna

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how fun and wonderful!! Have to find one in California!! This goes on my mini-bucket list!


Emily said...

Way to go!!!!!

pendy said...

What an accomplishment! Love it.

Daydreamer said...


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

You are an amazon titan warrior diana of the hunt goddess of epic proportions.
The fact that you have come this far in a year, taken such strides to care for your self while caring so sweetly for two little ones, always with an upbeat outlook and a smile on your face, makes you the reigning queen victorious.
We heart you.
Cheers, Alcira