Friday, April 20, 2012

Catskills Kit House

Thank you to one of my readers for directing my attention to this fabulous house tour in the New York Times.  Below is the home of Zoe Bissell and Bryan Buryk.  The house is in the Catskills and was built from a kit called the LVL Home, designed by architect Rocio Romero.  One of the things I love best about this home is the beautiful interior light from the windows.  I just love small smart spaces, don't you?


anita said...

Yes, I love small, smart spaces.
....and pinned.

Have a great Friday, Sarah!

Shawna said...

It's very cool. Although...I just can't imagine having windows that I can't look out of from eye level.

Danielle {freshquince} said...

My dream home in the country...I want a warm country house in the city and a super modern clean lines tiny home in the country and this fits the bill. Thanks for sharing! xx D