Friday, April 06, 2012

I want some shoes.

I have a dear friend staying with me right now.  And no matter what she is doing - teaching, nursing her baby, cooking, whatever - she is always wearing a pair of bomb-ass-awesome shoes.  She has inspired me.  So now I'm on the shoe prowl.

via HERE

Anthropologie via HERE

Boden via HERE

Free People via HERE

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El Naturalista via HERE

And I'd love a pair of the heels below in this fabulous mustard color...

via HERE

Or I'd take them in red...

via HERE


shawna said...

I love your taste in shoes, although I tend not to wear heels. Not only do they make me over six feet tall, I am just not comfortable in any over 2.5 inches. I found some killer shoes recently at Value Village, my favourite thrift shop. I bought some orange cowboy boots and I cannot decide if I want to leave them orange or dye them to a more neutral brown. I have been looking for a pair of vintage authentic boots for years and finally found a pair. I love boots and also bought a pair of army boots in brand new condition at the same shop. I suspect they belonged to a cadet who outgrew them before they could get worn out. They are parade boots and have nails in the soles so make a lot of noise when I walk on pavement.

Lana @ Eclectic Leverage said...

these shoes are fabulous. happy to be your newest follower