Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bohemian Greenhouse

Brandi from Flights of Whimsy recently shared a fabulous tour of parents' greenhouse.  Its an expansive potting shed that sits on their 26 acre property in Texas.  It is constructed from old gates and barn boards and salvage materials they've collected over the years. Click HERE to see Brandi's post with the full photos!


Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah! I'm going there for a visit this weekend and I can't wait!

Shawna said...

It's awesome! I would love a greenhouse, but particularly one that is creative and funky like that one! I have seen them made from a collection of old windows and french doors too.

Connie said...

It's the middle of the night and my poor dog isn't feeling well and wanted outside. So, while Butchy is doing his business, I'm surfing the internet for a new and interesting blog. Jackpot! Finding yours must just be the luck of the Irish . . . even though I only have a bit of Irish blood running through my veins. I found your blog and that has made my night. I love your green house and I have scrolled down a few of your posts and can see that yours is an extraordinary blog, and I love it! I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I have more time to come back and really dig in.
If you have the time please come and check me out, I'm new to blogging, but I am having so much fun and I'm meeting so many interesting people. I had no idea what the blogging world was like or I would have started sooner. I wish I could offer you cookies and tea, but all I can offer is a look into my life. Please visit, my welcome mat is always out. Now I better get Butchy and go back to bed. Your newest follower #949, Connie

Danie at Pasadya said...

Very cool! This reminds me of Stephen and Lucy Marr's home featured on the Selby, but in a different way, of course.

Their home is here: http://theselby.com/2_28_11_LucyMarr/