Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Seeing Red

These images from Bohemian Wornest make me want to start draping my house in red velvet and brocade for Valentine's Day.  This shade is so rich and ballsy!




Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

These shades are towards the orange side of red and a personal favorite of mine. Very cozy looking to me.

Eva Sorribas said...

Dear Sarah,
I still loving your blog so much, is so inspiring!!!
The old paints and the velvet red couch so English...
Greetings, Fancy Eva

Corrina said...

Just gorgeous, who can ever doubt red velvet? It is truly romantic, luscious and decadent- even royalxxCorrina.

Il est 17 heures said...

I'm glad you like the photos and images I try to share on my tumblr Bohemian Wornest....! ;-)
Have a nice day !
Greetings from Bordeaux, France

Barbara said...

I have red velvet drapes in my bedroom and I just love the warmth and romanticism they impart to the room. Bohemian elegance.