Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Day

Today is a baby day.  I have a client in early labor and I'm off to assist her and her midwife with the delivery.  She's having a son today.  A beautiful day to be born.  I know its a beautiful day to be born, because this is also my father's birthday.  So, happy birthday to my Papa!  And wish me luck with our pending delivery - the earth's newest creation, a baby boy awaiting arrival in Wylie, Texas.


E . Boubat mother and child 1951

And here is a photo of me and my Papa - the birthday boy - in 1978.

And here he is with my son, Walker, the summer of 2010.

Happy Birthday Dad!


anita said...

Best for a safe (and quick) delivery! xo

MaryBeth said...

It is amazing how much you look like your son Charlie in your baby picture!

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Wow, great wrap-up. How cute are Charlie's toes!
Hope all went well with the delivery. You're a brave woman, I didn't even want to be there when I was the one in labor.