Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vintage Door Knobs

The interior knob on my front door needs some serious help.  For six months now, the knob has been coming off the door when pulled in a certain way.  So every once in a while an unsuspecting guest pulls on the knob and the whole thing comes off leaving a brown swipe of grease on their hand, or worse, their clothing.  I have absolutely no idea how to replace a front door knob and lock, nor does my husband.  I may have to call someone in.










MFAMB said...

i am lucky to have the most awesome doorknobs on every door in my house. they make a huge difference.

i LOVE knob #2! it's purple!!

Miranda said...

These are all gorgeous. I'm sure you'll find one that's equally fabulous. If we lived closer, I'd send my husband over to install it for you! Should be a quick and not too pricey job for your local handyman. Good luck!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

These are such a perfect touch for a classic home.

Connie said...

I love this post! We were in Portland recently and went to Hippo's and Rejuvination, they both have awesome displays of old door knobs. Love them all!!
Before you call a handyman, go to This Old House, they have lots of how to videos, and as I recall, they have one on replacing a door knob. Good luck.

karla said...

Sara, here's a good DIY video. It's actually pretty easy. Now, lovely old doorknobs can be a different story. said...

take a look at

I found some stunning mortice door knobs on there which make my doors look amazing

Carolyn said...

i love the antique knobs! especially using it to hold back curtains, very creative

Cherie said...

Love! I'm actually going to use some for drapery tie backs... once I figure out what drapes I want.

Barbara said...

You're a mind reader - I was just thinking that I need to go antiquing this weekend to look for a doorknob. Love these!

Corrina said...

I can't wait to show this post to my husband who will be in doorknob heaven when he sees it! We collected windows/doors and door knobs and locks for three years before we started buliding our home. They are so beautiful and have such a history. I wonder who has turned our door knobs and what they have seen! Not to mention they look stunning! xxCorrina.