Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pattern Under Foot

Its a gray, damp Tuesday and I'm at home with my kiddos in our pajamas.  Despite the weather, I am cheered - as always - by my home.  As I look around the house, the thing that cheers me the most, besides the great company, is the eclectic mix of pattern.  The only place that lacks big pattern is the floor.  Most of my area rugs are a solid color or if they do have pattern, they're on the small side.  I'm always drawn towards ethnic weaves, but I also love a bold floral print every once in a while.  I'm definitely inspired by the area rugs in the photos below.







Still Blooming said...

So HAPPY I have found your blog! Incredibly INSPIRING:)
All the beautiful interiors cause me to get creative, rearange and clean my house. Thank you for being AMAZING, xoxo

Barbara said...

I love the juxtaposition of the bold kilim rug and the carved setee in the first photo. My house is a hodgepodge of styles and colors, too, yet somehow it all works (for me, anyway!).

One of the many perks of embracing bohemianism is that literally anything goes.

Great post.

Ann said...

I just finished a project in a home owned by clients that own a rug store. To say that the wood floors are covered by layers of rugs is an understatement. You'd think it would be too busy, but it was well curated and looked great!

Olga/ Rosa said...

Que fotos tan chulas, muy inspiradoras. Un beso