Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Art

Last week, I wrote a post called "Inspiration Strikes" about painting with my son.  We paint a lot together - at least every week.  La Maison Boheme reader and blog friend, Anita, asked if I would post some of our recent work.  So yes, Anita - here is Walker's awesome work from last week's painting sessions.  He was very proud of the watercolor in particular.

Watercolor by Walker Greenman Age 3

Acrylic by Walker Greenman Age 3

As I said in my previous post, I'm trying to take a cue from Walker and paint without editing myself.  To paint as he does - with abandon.  So here is what I was up to while Walker was cracking out his masterpieces. 

Seaweed 15" x 20"

Cayucos 20" x 15"

Also...    I've been wanting to paint something large scale for a while.  I wanted to create something that would represent (to me anyway) a vow to continue a full creative life in the face of mothering two little ones.  It would be very easy, especially with Charlie's challenges, to put off my creative pursuits until I "had time".  But if you're waiting around for the right time to get started, you'll find, as I have, that it never comes.  Right now is always the right time.  Walker has taught me that.

Together  54" x 22"

The baby is, of course, modeled after Charlie. You can see his little balled up left fist - one of the physical manifestations of his stroke.  It sits on our mantle in the living room as a daily reminder to be my whole self and to create something beautiful every day - be it a meal, a painting, a creative experience for my children, a tidy house or a quick journal entry.  Here is a detail of the painting:

Together detail

And here is a quick shot of my current project.  Its still in progress - I've outlined my nude lady, but have not yet painted her.  I'm stealing from the famous figure painter, Louis Kronberg.  I'm sure he doesn't mind since he's long been dead.   I'll post the finished product when its... well... finished.

This is where we hang most of our family art work.  The gallery wall in our dining room is a constantly shifting array of homemade art.   This room ends up being half dining area and half family art studio.  Here are some fuzzy pictures of the space:

I just realized, looking at these photos, that the booze tray makes our home look like a lushy den, the inhabitants of which must sit around all day in a drunken stupor.  I promise you, this is not true.  Although, I do enjoy a dirty martini every once in a while.

Interested in Walker's art work?  He has a collection of eight note cards, each with a different painting, for sale on Etsy.  All proceeds go towards the Help Charlie Heal fund for his brother's medical expenses.  Click HERE to purchase cards.


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Loving it :), beautiful walls.

aBroad said...

I am partial to watercolors and I am in love with the first one :)

Brandi said...

You're such an encouraging and fun momma! I love the art wall so much. What you said about putting things off is so true!

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

You are a talented family! I LOVE all of these pieces and am so glad you posted pics (and that you hang them on your walls!!)

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I love seeing all of your family's gorgeous artwork together- I can't believe those pieces you much talent!!!

Miranda said...

"Right now is always the right time."

Wise words indeed!

Thanks for sharing all these beautiful artworks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art!

And no, the booze does not make you look like lushes. (It would have to be far more sprawling and disorderly.) Anyway, nothing lushy about enjoying whatever is the bohemian equivalent cocktail hour.

Ann said...

You know, Walker and Charlie are very lucky little boys to have a mommy like you!
What you are instilling in them right now will always be with them.

anita said...

You truly astound me.
I'm having trouble picking out a stupid off-white paint for a bedroom.
Thank you for sharing your art; I can't wait to see the finished nude.

*LOVE* Walker's watercolor.

Connie said...

Once again, I am amazed by you....and inspired! The piece of you, holding Charlie, should be in a gallery.

Your Grama Orma would be so proud. She never let her art take a back seat, even while raising six children, on very little income.


Kerry{} said...

Your art wall rocks! I love that you are not afraid to post pictures of your art mid-process. Sometimes it is so hard to find the finishing line with a painting.
I greatly admire the first image of Walker's watercolor.