Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art in the Mail

I just received this card from my Mom.  She always finds the prettiest greetings and note cards at the Artist's Co-op in Halfway, Oregon - a little shop near her home.  Anyway, this beautiful pen and ink card showed up yesterday in my mailbox.

The artist is Minden Wreden, a local of Halfway, Oregon who creates not only drawings like the one above, but also watercolors, sculptures and mosaics.  I loved this little sketch so much not only for its beauty and detail, but also for its simplicity.  I also love the watercolor below - I snagged it from her website.

To contact Minden about her work or to order prints, 
email her at


SADBBLOG said...

lovely card! some really amazing stuff, thanks for sharing!

Meera @ firstsense said...

Aww, cute!

Chris d. said...

Disclaimer: Friends with Wreden... She is an outstanding, multi-faceted artist... and a very sweet soul

Karena said...

Really lovely!! Something so sweet about the simplicity.


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Connie said...

Yes, yes.......not only a lovely artist, but a lovely woman. I especially like her mosaic work. She is from an incredibly creative family of artists.

Anya adores said...

That.s just gorgeous - love the little face.
Have a great weekend,

24 Corners said...

Love both of these...Minden is so very talented to be able to create both types of art so beautifully, she has a gift!
xo J~

Mary said...

please send me an email with your snal mail, I'd love to send you some of my art!! :)