Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reorganizing my Pantry

I have an enormous task ahead of me.  As many of you know, I started a weight loss program / journey this summer.   I'm cataloging my process on a blog called Smaller Sarah.  One of the components of my weight loss is a huge shift in my diet.  This shift has also signaled a need to re-organize and re-categorize my kitchen, Inglis refrigerator and pantry.  I've been putting it off now for over a month, using Charlie's surgery as an excuse to sit back and ignore the mounting chore of sifting through the old food and creating a healthy detoxed pantry.  So today, I'm taking the first step, which for me is to get inspired by the anal-ness of others.  Let's do a little pantry-gawking, shall we?







Sholpana said...

Love it)
I like the idea of reusing jars into spices\pasta containers.Eco-friendly

Jen said...

WOW! I love clear containers-it looks so nice! I can't imagine my cupboards looking like that!:)

Lisa Fergus said...

Good luck! When we went gluten free, soy free, casein free, low dairy (my son's autistic) I went through my pantry and refrigerator reading labels and throwing things away. Even though I didn't need to be GF too, I do it so he doesn't see me eat anything he can't. And truth be told, I lost the remainder of my baby weight and my stomach feels so much better now! Not sure what your new diet is, but we do that and live by the Maker's Diet. Great read either way..... ;)

Amanda ~ Blue LaReve said...

I couldn't imagine having a pantry that was so organized and pretty I could have it on display. Amazing photos! Best of luck to you on your journey!

anita said...

It is so cathartic,Sarah!
The "pantry" in our new place is basically a few shelves (as opposed to a walk-in). Moving forced me to throw out all that half-used, outdated, and "why did I buy this" food -- it was so freeing!

white collar | green soul said...

I am drooling at that first pantry. I have all my beans, legumes and pastas in those types of jars but it's all shoved in cabinets and on my counter. How I WISH they were displayed like this instead!

I came upon a wonderful vegetarian food blog yesterday - you may get some delicious and healthy idea from there! (grilled corn and avocado salsa?? mmmm... ) This is the blog:

Haven't been to Smaller Sarah in a little while - going to check it out now. Good luck with the pantry makeover!! (I got my jars from Ikea and they were very inexpensive - from $1.50 to $5 per depending on size.)

- agata.

Brandi said...

Not sure what your diet is but if you need any vegetarian recipes just let me know, I have tons! Think of it as the first exciting step to better health!

Linda said...

I would love a huge room just for a pantry...Love these pictures!!! the organization the recycling of jars...

Martha would say it is a good thing!! :)