Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Pretty Mess

For me, organization is is usually about creating a pretty mess.  Organization demands that I take something in a state chaos and create accessibility rather than order.  If I can get at it quickly, then I consider it organized.  If it's buried and I can't lay hands on it, then its time to clean up.  Both of the spaces below are very different in style and level of organization, but I still consider them to be a pretty, well organized mess.  I think they're lovely.



Just FYI - I've recently been browsing Reader's Digest (of all places) for home decorating ideas.  They've got all sorts of sweet organization ideas and tips for getting everyday household items to serve double duty.  It might help me out as I get my office in order.


Unknown said...

Very different but I really like both- the gold sconces in the first shot are fabulous and I love the artsy feel of the second.

Amanda said...

The second is definitely more my style - if I could keep my creating space that organized!

Brandy Lewis said...

Thank you for these inspirational photos! They've given me great ideas for my home studio!

Lovely blog~


Vintage is for Lovers said...

I had to pin that last picture of the office. amazing! xo Samantha

Unknown said...

Love the organization of the top photo. I recognize the ikea bookcase and floating shelves. Great photo!!