Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sarah Saw Something

Time for another installment of Sarah Saw Something, where I share little bits and bobs that I found interesting in the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

I'm loving all the brash color in this home I saw at The Way We Are.

Another amazing house tour - you'll love this Hacienda I saw at Chic and Posh.

Creative Carmelina reminded me this week that the best meals are often the simplest.

And finally, these guys reminded me (again) that I might just be the luckiest girl on Earth.

Me and the boys taking a walk through Canyon Park in Cedar City Utah, 
where Jack is working at the Shakespeare Festival for the next five weeks.


Francine Gardner said...

You might just be the luckiest girl! Utah us such a beautiful state..

S and O said...

Awww there's nothing like family time :)
Great pictures!
I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Fabiana said...

Love the first two rooms. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful weekend with your boys! (I will too! I have 5 boys, including my husband) Ciao!

Suze said...

The pics of your family are lovely.

Tereza Anton said...

I want grappes now :).

Meera @ firstsense said...

Love this series of yours, and very sweet with the photos of you with your boys :-)

Swooning over the Deco Colonial Mexicana home tour - what a gorgeous home!

Thank you very much for your lovely words on my previous post, sweet lady. ♥

Meera xx

Macarena Martinez said...

Oh! Thanks so much for this! Super glad you liked it! XoXo :)