Thursday, May 05, 2011


Hi.  My name is Sarah and I'm a librophiliac... or is it librophile? 
I guess that I bleed books and I love books!











And on a personal note:

Whenever I'm redecorating the house, or taking on a home improvement project, you can usually bet that my Mom is in town.  She is always suiting up in a pair of old jeans, grabbing the paint brush, the caulking gun or some other bit of equipment and busting out her mad skills.  Without her, I would be living in filth - I wouldn't know how to snake my pipes, or edge a window, or grout, or plaster, or do anything really.  So Mom, thank you for all you do and continue to do - I love you and hope you have a WONDERFUL 60th birthday!

Here's the birthday girl on her farm in Eastern Oregon:

...and here she is, brand new in 1951.


Anonymous said...

if you love libraries and memories, please see this beautiful song/film

Raina Cox said...

The first two may be the sessiest libraries I've ever seen.

And Happy Birthday to a fellow Taurus!

Stephanie said...

"...I'm a librophiliac" My first thought was you bleed books! My dream home will have built in book cases, either in the formal dinning room or around the fireplace in the family room~:0)

Monica said...

ah well, books, nothing to do but sigh deeply. i would be happy to die in such places.

happy b day to your mama.

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Can't decide which is my favorite
Love them all

Appletree said...

So sweet.

Betsy said...

And your love of books and designers eye combine to arrange books for not only their own sake but for their beauty as well. I love my den of bookshelves and the beauty you created in it, made of books.

Tereza Anton said...

Your mother is really beautiful!
Happy Birthday to you mom!

Marianthi said...

Having a library is a dream for me. One day when I dont live in a tiny Manhattan apartment I will have walls and walls of books. I should also probably start reading more...


Mary said...

Lovely images, as always! Happy birthday to your moma!

anita said...

Picture 5 is *perfection*.
Happy birthday to mom -- and happy mother's day too!


white collar | green soul said...

bibliophile!! me too!