Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting my front door

After gorging on too many episodes of Curb Appeal, I've decided to paint my front door.  My house is red brick with white trim and black shutters and it needs a little pop of color.  Here are some colors I'm thinking about, but I need your input and suggestions.  What color should I paint my front door?

Benjamin Moore Venezuelan Sea


Farrow and Ball Folly Green


Benjamin Moore Pumpkin Spice


Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red


Pratt and Lambert Beeswax


Farrow and Ball Blueground



anita said...

So stinkin' cute is right!!

I painted my front door color #1 last year!! I love it!!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

So cute!!! I love the blues and yellows for your door and just to throw another one into the mix, I painted a cabinet F&B Hague Blue this weekend and it may just be my favourite paint colour of all time- it would be divine on a front door!!

Lisa Fergus said...

LOVE the top color and the purple door too! Cute video post and the little man is adorable!

Appletree said...

I love the first one!

Tereza Anton said...

I love the green door. Looks so fresh.

Anonymous said...

I'd keep away from the red, which is tricky with red brick--usually comes off as mismatched or too "hot". The F&B Blueground is lovely. Just saw a brick house yesterday with French blue shutters and doors and it looked wonderful. The yellows you picked are nice, too.

John Lambie said...

The blue door is exactly the same color of the most beautiful door in Crovie, Scotland!

Brandi said...

I think the deep turquoise would be the best with those colors. Subtle but bold at the same time!

Meera @ firstsense said...


That video is ADORABLE, Charlie is so cute! I hope Walker gets his strawberries soon!

I LOVE painted doors and all of these pictures and colours are fab! I have a serious weakness for teal, I have completely fallen for that old house with the teal door and window frames.

Good luck picking a colour!

Meera xx

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

The benjamin moore venezuelan sea and that *fab* bright green are my votes...I just love a great painted door! Can't wait to see what you do!

Marianthi said...

Even though I am an orange fanatic through and through....I love the Venezuelan Sea.

Connie said...

Oooooooh.......Is this a project for when Mama comes? You know me...get a few sample chips, tape them on the door, step back and....the wrong ones will jump out first, then you can make your choice from the ones that are left.

Barbara said...

I love the first color, too. I think a deep, cool color like that would complement the warmth of the brick beautifully...but they're all gorgeous!

helen tilston said...

Venezualian Blue or the awesome lime green(fresh like Tereza suggested)

Red and orange will clash with the bricks

Good luck

paisley penguin said...

Venezuilan Sea

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Yay! I knew you would all know what to do! I've conferred with the husband and we're going with some kind of teal. We're picking up paint chips tomorrow.

I'm thinking high gloss, yes? That way I can wipe it down easy and it will shine from our street!

Kelle Dame said...

I can't wait to see the blue door!! I would definitely do high gloss. It's going to be gorgeous!

lark + linen said...

mustard yellow, mustard yellow!! I've been begging my boyfriends parents to paint theirs yellow for so long. It would look fantastic with red brick and black shutters!

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Oooh... mustard yellow. Hmmm. It would be awesome.

white collar | green soul said...

I would say either opposite on the colour wheel to your brick - so a warm bluey greeney colour. Or, you can go to compliment more with a yellow. you should get little test bottles of your top three colours and paint some patches on your door - look at it over a few days in different light to see which you like the best.

Can't wait to see it!

- agata.

Northwest Texas said...

Gotta have an orange front door. Which will lead to painting the house a deeper tan and on and on. Thanks for inspiring me. Love your blog and grabbed your button.