Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gray Scale

Last week it was warm and springy and bordering on humid here in Dallas.  This week, its cold and damp and gray gray gray.  I love it.  It reminds me happily of Seattle.  So in honor of the fog and the mist I thought I'd pull out some beautiful interiors and art that fall somewhere on the gray scale. Enjoy!










Connie said...

How elegant. I think I could become a fan of grey after seeing these photos. I too, am a fan of grey days and wet weather. We've got it here in Idaho today. Good weather for coffee drinking.

Carolyn said...

Very glamorous! Love the 4th picture.

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Tereza Anton said...

I love your selection, so classy, so elegant.
I love the big pillows so much.

Karena said...

Oh could I please have that 1st luscious bedroom!

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Art by Karena

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

So soft and pretty- grey is just so elegant.

Lacquered Life said...

These are fabulous! A little less severe than some of the ones I posted last week. I love the 5th and the 8th best. Two completely different feeling rooms with a gray backdrop!

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

So many pretty photos here. I didn't used to like gray for decorating but it's really been growing on me in the last few years. I especially love the gray velvet chaise!
Have a fabulous day!
P.S. I found you via Karena's blog

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

gorgeous interiors! Grey is such a great neutral. Sophisticated, yet modern.

Meera @ firstsense said...

I love working with grey as a neutral backdrop, lovely images!