Thursday, February 03, 2011

Collaging my Dream Home

Did you see Lauren's (Pure Style Home) guest post at La Dolce Vita yesterday?  The question was simple, "What is your dream home?"  She posted all sorts of lovely, serene, photos from her inspiration file - really beautiful stuff.  That girl knows how to live!  I started thinking, of course, about my dream home.  I am inspired by so many design styles that I couldn't really envision my dream home.  I love Moroccan, Modern, French, Craftsman, Art Nouveau, Scandinavian... its a long list.  But what would I really want to live in?  Deep down - or not too deep, really - I am a boho francophile with an insatiable habit for collecting books and tchotchkes.  So i guess my dream home should encompass these qualities.  As my three year old would say, what is my "for-really-real", livable dream home? I think this might be it:

Paris apartment
tall ceilings
elegant architecture
ethnic rugs
heavy on the art
velvet and tufted furnishings
pops of red, blue, gold and brown 
and all well lit with natural light

The front door opens into the tiled foyer...

 ...which leads into the main living space.



The windows have bench seating and face the usually calm city street.


There is a large breezeway with french doors leading to the dining room.


The dining room opens to this wonderfully ornate kitchen.


Instead of the little slip covered table and chairs in the photo above, 
my kitchen has a little sun room which is used for a breakfast nook.


Off of the living room, there is a hallway...


...that leads to a guest room.


Another room has been turned into a library and study.


My desk looks out over something beautiful.


The study and guest room are across from this bathroom.


And the boys also have their own bedroom...

source unknown

Further down the hall is the master bedroom. The light is a little different because of the foliage on the terrace.  This room is the most serene in the house and isn't cluttered with all of my books, art and ephemera.


There are a few girly accents...


...and the master bath.


And of course, the aforementioned terrace,
which runs the length of the master bed and bath.


As usual, I love to have visitors!  
Won't you come over?


Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh my goodness this is stunning, just the sort of spaces I adore -- layered, rich, sophisticated yet lived-in.
Paloma's asked me to do one of these dream home posts next month and I was just thinking back last night to that Parisian family's apartment whose kitchen you well as the London flat below with the delicious yellow chairs....bliss.
I would so come over for coffee dear one ;)
Cheers to you and your little ones, Alcira

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

You have fantastic taste! The entry, first living room and kitchen are going straight into my inspiration files.. I love that orange tiled floor and those paisley cabinets - swoon!

A Perfect Gray said...

sweetheart, I ADORE your beautiful, boho, mix-y style. this was so much fun!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

LOVED your dream house- that breakfast nook of Christine D'Ornano is one of my absolute favourites- also love the terrace and diningn room especially. Gorgeous space and I'm so with you on the Paris apartment/mouldings/high ceillings/tufted furniture- love!

white collar | green soul said...

i love this idea.
all the photos are beautiful - the breakfast nook being my favourite, i think.

i will be over in just a minute!

- agata.

Olga -mescapricesbelges said...

A beautiful mix!
And very beautiful pictures
I also love moroccan, french, scandinavian style. And j'adore tall ceilings and fireplaces!

StarletStarlet said...

What a genius post! I especially love the sunroom and the bath tub....uuggghhh lust lust lust

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

Thank you all! I had a lot of fun putting this together.

Cheers xo

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Sarah! Your dream home is also in my dreams! Amazing! My favorite post I have read this week! Cheers! xo Samantha

Sherman Unkefer said...

All the pictures are lovely, I love your dream house. I also love french style house.

paisley penguin said...

You and I have a very similar design aesthetic. I love this idea!

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

*gorgeous* dream house.
Let's all pitch in and live commune-like.
How fun would that be?! ;)

Connie said...

Yes, please......

Nina said...

Yes please! I´ll bring the chocolate and champagne!

Barbara said...

SIGH...I'll be right over! I miss Paris. xx