Monday, January 24, 2011

The Horse Art Trend

I'm on the fence.  At first I thought, "Oooh, very cool!"  Then I remembered all that dolphin art from the 80's.  Is the horse art phenomenon going to go the way of airbrushed sea mammal art?  (Granted, the pieces below are far more attractive than the dolphin stuff.)  So, dear readers - Are you into it, or not?  What are your thoughts?










Tales of Wanderlust said...

I simply love this horse trend! & if reproduction print companies ruin it by making thousands of commercially produced atrocious prints, I will be so upset! The horse is such a regal and stunning animal, it will always be at home in a bohemian setting. :)

Sarah (La Maison Boheme) said...

I agree - regal and stunning indeed.

AppleTree said...

I am not into it. While I do like horses, I have never owned one and never will, and therefore I think the art would be out of place in my home. Am I wrong?

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

Definitely great! it could be traded for any animal well photographed and not "cute"( no cats nor baby bears) just a strong animal or a very striking one- hippo, elephant etc. I Love this post.Some of the images of horse are fabulous! Merci

Connie said...

Hmmmm....Personally, not into it, but I think if it's your thing, go for it. The first picture, is really beautiful.

VICTORIA said...

I adore the way the images of horses are seen in each room. It could be the perfect time of day to take those pictures but I love that bedroom the way the light radiates through the sheer drapes.Palettes are magnificent.Very inspiring Blog.

fifi said...

I love them - I think the black and white would date far better than the lurid pictures of dolphins. They look beautiful and majestic.

Barbara said...

Horses are beautiful creatures, but I think art should reflect the passions of people living in the home, and if you're not into horses, then it just looks contrived...still, gorgeous images!

Joanne said...

I like it, but I'm a horse person, hence having a horse on the wall- be it an artist sketch or a black and white photo of my own horse- has meaning to me and makes the house a home. If you're someone who has yet to even be within a few feet of the animal let alone read a book about one or whatever, then you are likely just someone putting up a horse picture for trend's sake...and that's lame!