Sunday, December 05, 2010

Unmade Bed

Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.  Do yourself a favor and leave your bed unmade today.  Nothing says "relaxed" like an unmade bed.  Here's my bed... Oh my, there's a baby in it!

Geoff Penn via Flickr


Jacob Collins via Artroots


And a few more unmade beds in my home...

Unmade bed in my office.

Unmade bed in master bedroom.

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Raina Cox said...

Oh, I would love to have a baby in our bed again.

Husband not so much.

Happy Sunday to your and your menz!

sarah van raden said...

these are romantic and beautiful. nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...and yours is particularly darling. :)

a Broad said...

I would be very happy to have a sweet little baby in my bed again.
I made my bed today, maybe tomorrow I will remember not to :) Will I find a baby in there if I don't ??

A Perfect Gray said...

fantastic! he is beautiful...

reneek said...

your baby looks so peaceful in the bed.