Thursday, October 07, 2010

Velvety Velvetness

I can't get enough.  Have you been witnessing the velvet revolution sweeping the blogosphere?  It's at epidemic proportions.  You've seen it here and here and every where.  Best of all - the velvet sofas.  I mean can you handle all this sumptuousness?  Beeeeutiful!


anita @ a dreamer's den said...

hell yo the yes!!!
i want to lounge on some jewel tone velvet!!

a Broad said...

weeping for my old sofa here ...
We left our favorite sofa behind when we moved to Argentina and I miss it every day.
I am considering re-upholstering the new/not as wonderful, sofa in a nice soft rich velvet..
Colors tend to bounce around in my head, depending on what I see on the blogs.. my brain has taken a holiday, I have over-taxed it.
Cinnamon and dark old Gold are my favorites so far.

Lisa Fergus said...

I love the beautiful colors of these sofa's! The purples, greens, blues, ahhhhh!
But then are these seasonal? can you have a purple velvet couch in your house when it's 100 degrees outside?
I know very little about interior design....obviously! ;)

24 Corners said...

We are sofa-less at the moment, any one of these would do just fine! All fabulous & beautiful, and the rooms they are in are so lovely too.

Anonymous said...

A velvet sofa never goes out of style. never ever. Even when I go to lil ole ladies houses and they have a velvet sofa, I just ooh and ahh..despite it being as old as I am!

Maria said...

Hello Sarah!

It's really fabulous. Speacilly the purple, together with white - very chic and sophisticated indeed! Very parisien.



Sumptuous is the right word - I just love velvet, especially this time of year. I'm drooling over that chesterfield!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

yes, these are gorgeous and i just love the deep purple one!