Saturday, October 16, 2010

A place for everything...

...and everything in its place.
Staying organized makes me smile.
via My Sweet Savannah
Hans Blomquist
via Nuit-Artdecor
via Sweet Space
via The Haystack Needle
via House Beautiful
via Beachy in the Burbs


Connie said...

You know I love this! There is nothing better than organized spaces. Even clutter looks good organized. This gives me some ideas for my desk area.

Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more, love organized spaces :)

galiana street said...

I love this. I wolud like to be more organitzed but sometimes i'm little bite caotic!
Love the firt pic!

Minnie said...

I need this! I'm decluttering right now, and boy, is it a tedious and rather boring process, all that weeding through of clutter. But oh, so worth it, as these pictures prove. Can't wait to get to the part where I get to arrange everything in a pretty way.

I'm new here, somehow landed here and pleasantly surprised to see your home is featured in a book I just bought used at my library's used bookstore. Going to go look at the book now.