Thursday, October 14, 2010

Desk Notes

The desk in my office is for heavy duty activity - always strewn with books and pens and computers and cameras and hand bags and a bunch of other crap.  But wouldn't it be nice to have another pretty little desk tucked away for writing thank you notes or musing over a book of poetry? 

via House of Turquoise

via Country Living

via House Beautiful

via Live Like You

via One Day I Saw


Lisa Fergus said...

These are super cute! And I love the idea of a neat little area, however, I would require a much larger space! I love to organize all my bills and paper work and need lots of drawers for that!

24 Corners said...

These are *all* absolutely perfect and beautiful...but I still love your idea of showing off your special little area (hint-hint). ;)
xo J~

kristi @ lovelyvelo said...

absolutely! i love the huge book case in front of the last one... very inspiring!

Alicja said...

Hello dear Sarah:)
So great to meet you and to discover your blog (which I'll put on my bloglist immediately:)))
Thank you so much for all your kind words. It was so nice surprise to see my charms at your blog. I'm happy you like my works:)))
I'm sending you warm hugs from Warsaw!!!

kayce hughes said...

Great images. Now you can add drool to the pile on my desk.

Connie said...

Oh, YES!