Monday, October 25, 2010

Dark and Handsome

We had a wonderfully dark and dreary Saturday which even entailed a tornado watch for the DFW area.  All the gray-blue thunderheads put me in the mood for dark cocoon-ish colors.

via Greige


Brandi said...

I'm smitten over those curtains with the blue backing, such a great idea! Saving this for later!

Lisa Fergus said...

ooh I'm loving the feel of the room that the dark colors are in. A bit masculine and very romantic! love it!

Caroline said...

That first photo really captured my attention. Thanks for all of the lovely inspiration!

Abbie said...

The 3rd photo makes me feel like:

Freshly painted black/blue fingernails, chai latte, a good book and a thunderstorm. Perfection!