Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes please.

via The Decorista


via Decor by Color

via Alkemie


white collar | green soul said...

Love love love
Love them all.

My sofa would look so good in those rooms! Take a look!

I love these types of blues... and I love the vibe you get in those rooms!

~Amy said...

*swoon* My fav color!

Laura said...

Mmm, turquoise. I love the drapes in the second picture, with the sari-esque edges. <3

white collar | green soul said...

Hi! I'm glad you like the sofa - I thought you might! I'm just writing to let you know I added the link to this post at the bottom of the sofa post. It's just too perfect :)

Brandi said...

Yes a thousand times yes! I'm loving some turq right now!