Saturday, September 25, 2010

Distressed and Delicious

You know how much I love the look of distressed weathered furniture, walls, floors, textiles and the like.  While browsing a furniture consignment store a few months ago, I found a groovy weathered looking trunk and asked the sales lady, "How much is this cool old trunk?"  She made an embarrassed face and said, "I should tell you up front that this is not really that old.  It just looks old."  I assured her that I liked the trunk no matter how it achieved it's present state of distress.  So, this is my question.  Does it matter to you if something is made to look distressed rather than distressed through years of wear and tear?  Discuss.

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a Broad said...

Funny, as I have matured/aged, I have gotten more obsessive about certain things. I used to hate anything that was not smooth, perfectly painted, polished and showed no signs of rust/peel/age.
Now I embrace it all, does this mean I am growing up?

I still am not a fan of peeling paint on walls though. Unless it is a palazzo in Venice, I prefer the paint not to peel on the walls.
I happen to live in an ancient building in Argentina and my newly renovated walls are crumbling from water damage and it drives me crazy.

I fell in love with that first chest. Furniture and frames of art/mirrors enchant me when they have that patina of age, beaten up and used adds to their beauty. And it seems the colors were always so much warmer and softer than colors today.

I like to think that my walls and furniture and I will continue to look a tiny bit distressed but always delicious :)

white collar | green soul said...

Keeping a "green soul" in mind, I find it a little counterintuitive to buy something new and make it look old when there are so many old pieces out there waiting to be used.

However, giving an even older look, to an already old piece of furniture, or just used, not necessarily old, is cool by me.

I think if there is something you can do to that piece of furniture that will make you want to keep it as opposed to chucking in the dump, then all the power to you!

Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog said...

the vintage looks cabinets and chest are just too good, i really like them not becaues of their designs but because after such a long time, they are still standing on their feet, the cabinets look too good and sturdy and if anyone would take care of renovate or restore them, they would look too good

Annie's Online Furniture said...

the pieces of furniture and the decor is very impressive, the photographs have been taken from a very expert angle highlighting both the new and old and modern and vintage together, very good furnishings

Brandi said...

I love the images in this post! I guess it doesn't really matter to me if it's old or just looks that way as long as it's done right and has lines I like. We all know we've seen some bad impersonations out there!

paisley penguin said...

I don't mind if something is made to look distressed. What I do mind is when an items is made to look distressed and then passed off as old when it really isn't.

Love the images in your post!

Lisa Fergus said...

Great blog! I found you on the link party over at Fabulous K. I'm now a follower. Feel free to follow back!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous images, each and every one. Given the choice, I would prefer that the piece be old, but if it's distressed in a convincing way, that's ok also.

ashlina {the decorista} said...

totally agreed. that distressed stuff is beautiful! xo

Connie said...

Sometimes, something used can be made fabulous by giving it a little fake patina. I love to see this done with a used piece, rather than tossing it. However, truly vintage is always my favorite. If you love it, who cares!