Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let it all hang out.

More and more, I'm leaning towards open dish displays in the kitchen and dining room. I love the look of these open cabinets and hutches filled with pretty dishes and cookware.


Fran said...

Hi, I also love the look, but think of all the dusting!!!!

Glove Slap said...

Ha! I was going to say the same as Fran!
Say, I was wondering... Looking at the second picture from the top, I recognize in it a sort of eclectic, colorful, quaint, very French style that reminds me of Amelie Poulain and amanita muscaria... what is this style called? I can't even search it because I don't know what it's called!
I know that you, in your unerring taste and erudition, must know the answer! Thanks!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hey cool, i just did a post with the first image in it this afternoon. i just love that cupboard, and this style is right up my alley! julesx

Cori said...

I just removed all of the cabinet doors in my kitchen and I did this! I love, love love it! Now for collecting the pretties to go in it!