Monday, March 22, 2010

The photography of Roland Bello

On my wish list this year is an SLR camera. Now that I'm a mama and a home owner, I'd like to be able to better document the goings on in our family life. It's a real crap shoot when I take a photo - it may turn out great or it may be blurry with bad light and weird composition. Maybe a photography class is in order. How about those of you with photo blogs? Did you just pick up a camera and BAM - you were genius? Or did you have to fiddle around and take classes?

The photos below are by the very talented Roland Bello.


A Perfect Gray said...

stunning shots. fantastic lighting and styling. I have a Nikon D3000 and it works well - I am in no way proficient in its use -learning along the way...following tips from other bloggers (like don't use the flash). Good luck and have fun!

ashlina said...

wow. those are amazing. so calming and pure! i love them!!!!

Anita Davis said...

i would definitely need a photography class. every time i think "ooh, that's gonna a great shot," it turns out looking like crap.
i always blame the lighting. ;)