Friday, March 19, 2010

For my mom.

My mother is a doll. Her name is Constance and she can frequently be found touring the states in her little Casita Trailer. The trailer below is not hers, but one that bears her name. Mom, if I had a few extra bucks, this is what I'd get you for your upcoming birthday.

The only thing I would add to the interior of this cutie patootie trailer is this:
You can find the Constance the 1956 Caravan trailer here and here.


AppleTree said...

that is about the cutest little thing i have ever seen. she sounds like an interesting woman.

Fran said...

I love this caravan. It certainly has a lot more character than the white boxes that you see everywhere here in the UK.

Connie said...

I am laughing so much!!! How Freakin cute is that!!?? I love you so much for thinking of me, and yes, I also love the Drink More Gin sign. Hey, we forgot to go to the antique store that had the gin sign you were gonna show me. Dang!