Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Thank You to Ms. Hendricks

Can I tell you how refreshing it is to see an actress on TV who is not the size of my earrings? Christina Hendricks of Mad Men is a seriously curvy, fabulous woman up there on screen in a role usually reserved for her more lithesome colleagues. Ms. Hendricks, thank you for being you. Here she is on the set of Mad Men:

At the Emmys:

...and some recent magazine shoots. Classy, sexy, inspiring!


Jacki said...

wow!! I've never seen her before, but va-va-voom!!! Thanks for sharing!

hush said...

Christina Hendricks is so amazingly beautiful - her coloring, her face, everything. I mean she is genuinely beautiful, not in the way sometimes the media tries to say average-sized+ actresses are "pretty..." with the unspoken modifier "...for their size" after it. She is truly Marilyn Monroe-esque.

So happy she is getting props for "Mad Men;" because she is so perfect in the role of Joan. And her voice is beautiful, too.

alissa said...

i agree - the fashion on that show is stunning, especially on her!

Claudia said...

she is sssooooo pretty!