Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make your own Eden.

The sun is out and buds are showing up on every thawing branch. This will be our first spring in the new house and I'm thrilled to see what pops up and what needs tending. I LOVE gardening and have been without a green space to call my own for almost 6 years. One of my favorite Spring reads is We Made a Garden by Margery Fish. It is a first person story of a wife and her husband who reclaim a home in the English countryside and restore its historic garden. The narrative also covers the meaning of life and marriage. Its the most inspiring and beautiful book.

I don't have a potting shed, but I do have a little out door table that I'll outfit with potting soil, clay pots, gloves and trowels. While I'm digging out the dead remains of winter, I'll dream about flowers, tomatoes and all of the delightful green wonders to come. Let the gardening begin!


Anita Davis said...

how exciting to be in a new house for the first spring! i remember the first spring at one of our houses - i was so excited to see a large area sprouting up peonies!! can't wait to hear what sprouts up for you!

AppleTree said...

gorgeous and good luck!

Paisley said...

Beautiful! Wasn't it a lovely weekend in Dallas? I went and scoped out what plants I'm going to buy soon. It's my first spring in a new house too and I've never had a garden to tend and call my own so I'm very excited!