Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My favortie wallpaper

I'm still on an Oral Kiely's kick. I love her designs - particularly this wallpaper. This would be gorgeous in a dining room or bedroom. It's bold and graphic in form, but has the softest, prettiest hues. Its divine!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Orla Kiely at Target

I'm on an Orla Kiely kick. Here is her collection of groovy goodies and designs now available at Target. I *heart* Target. I love that they have beautiful designs for a girl on a budget - a really, really small budget.

I just picked up this pear print tablecloth from Target last week. I may upholster my dining chairs with it, cover some throw pillows or make it into curtains.

Blue Ticking

Did you ever sleep on a mattress covered in blue ticking fabric? I did. And I'm seeing this lovely fabric spring up everywhere - pillows, dresses, quilts, tablecloths, curtains and covered head boards. There is something very soothing and reminiscent about the simplicity of blue ticking fabric.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

I saw a beautiful mirrored nightstand at Anthropologie a few months back and I'm still thinking about it. Of course, its way out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right? Here's a little something to tide me over.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Towel Love

I'm not a big fan of doing dishes, but these lovely little tea towels might make the job a little more pleasant. The tea towels below would be simple simple simple to replicate if you sew.

Floating Beds

I love this idea - suspend your bed from the ceiling. Of course, you'd need some heavy duty cross beams, but these beds would be great indoors or out. It takes the romance and comfort of a hammock one step further!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rainbow Connection

These houses make me happy.


My grandmother used to decoupage. I have a screen in my home that she made - one side showcases her costume designs for a French Restoration play and the other side has bits and pieces of poetry from the Romantic Era. I’d love to try it out sometime. Design Sponge has a great “how to”. There are so many possibilities…

French Metal Cafe Chairs

I ran across these chairs in a pottery barn catalog. I’m completely smitten. I want to trash my squeaky old antique dinning chairs and make a home for these industrial lovelies.

Paper Cuts by Nikki McClure

When my son was born, a dear friend of ours from the Pacific Northwest, gave us a book called “Awake to Nap” by Nikki McClure. I immediately fell in love with McClure’s work. It is inspiring, earthy, simple and subversive. Take a look!

Tweet Tweet

I love this hand bag I found on Mon Motif. Bird motifs have always appealed to me and I’ve been seeing them all over lately. Even Target is showcasing some very cool throw pillows from Dwell Studios with bird appliques.

Birds naturally make me feel like nesting. These bird motifs would make a space feel grounded yet whimsical - both of the earth and of the air. A perfect infusion for Spring.