Sunday, November 01, 2009

Edith Wharton said it best:

"Genius is of small use to a woman who does no know how to do her hair." Edith, you sweet sage, thank you for this little reminder. I needed to hear it. Here is Shalom Harlow, one of my many girl crushes, wearing the hair style I'd like to have. It looks great no matter what the style or level of prep.

All dolled up:

Just out of the shower:

Rolled out of bed:
In the wind with no bra on:
(For all those times when I forget to button my shirt.)
And of course, for when I become First Lady and
take up wearing pearls and floral arranging.


vicki archer said...

Edith Wharton did say it best and Shalom Harlow seems to wear it best at all times, xv.

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Shalom is so beautiful she makes the bags under her eyes look gorgeous.