Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep Over - girls bedrooms for Linz

So your daughter isn't a baby anymore, but she's also not ready for a college dorm room. She wants something with a splash of pink, you want something that will grow with her and you both want decor that will reflect her personality. Here are some ideas for the young lady of the house.

Forget the Disney Princesses - make her a real princess with the room below!

I usually don't go in for murals, but this one is so gorgeous and fun. I would have flipped over this room when I was 12.

I love the vintage poster of "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Do your daughters share a room? No problem. Check these out:

Sharing a room usually means no privacy. So here's a fabulous solution: I love this idea. These curtains create a little private cubby space. I really like the wall mounted light above the headboard. Your daughter can pull the curtain closed, flip on her light and read into the wee hours! Everyone needs a little spot of their own - especially kids.


Alison said...

I actually gasped at that photos of the built in bunkbeds, what an amazingly creative use of space. I am going to be referring to this post often when Eleanor transitions into sharing space with Evelyn.

Lindsay said...

The bunkbeds are fabulous! What a neat idea. Thanks for posting this, it really helps me with ideas for my girls room.

Anonymous said...

My dd loves the mural..