Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moving Day!

Hi loves - I'm off for the weekend. We are moving into our new home and it will obviously take all my focus. See you on Monday - or Tuesday - Or Wednesday if things progress slowly. Wish us luck!



Jessica Hills said...

Good luck! I have to do that in a couple weeks too! Not looking forward to the moving, but definitely the new, bigger apartment :)

my favorite and my best said...

holy crap!! good luck! i am so jealous. happy 4 u but oh so jealous our dreams of homeownership were squashed when we couldn't come up with that GD downpayment. damn you early 20's piss everything away mentality! i can't wait to see your gorgeous style at work in it! have fun, sleep well and get a babysitter if you can.

Sara said...

Oh good luck - how exciting (and tiring)