Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

If you're lucky enough to have a wide window sill that receives good sunlight, may I suggest the following:


everyeskimo said...

oh my, what a wonderful suggestion. now i'm looking at my windows and wondering why they don't ALL have plants in front of them.

(perhaps the slow rotting death of my string of pearls is why... it would just be too morbid.)

lovely post! xo. everyeskimo.

speckled egg said...

What great pictures-are they all from your house?

Sarah said...

I wish they were all from my house. I do not have window sills, unfortunately. But if I did... this is surely what I'd do with them! These photos are all from creative indoor gardeners on Flickr.

Alison said...

These pictures remind me of my Grandma's apartment. She had a huge table in front of her window just filled with plans. Good memories :)