Monday, May 11, 2009

Stand and Deliver

Cake stands aren't just for cake. Use them to display toiletries, fruit, soap, business cards, flowers, books and whatever else you want to pile on a pedestal.

Okay, okay... you can use them for cake too.


Kandice said...

Oh yes. Cake stands rock. I first steped out of the box with cake stands when I saw one used in a bathroom when I was in 9th grade. Cake is eaten too have to enjoy the stand in many other ways.

Recently I used mine as a place to hold the little surviving flowers from a grocery store bouquet that needed to be broken up. Different glasses held a combo of little carnations and baby's breath that my daughter had picked out for me on my birthday.

Dina said...

I came across this post on a new favorite blog and remembered your post!