Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabric Necklace

I have lots of little scraps and bits of fabulous fabric lying around. And while I'd love to make an intricate quilt pieced with tiny little pieces, I just don't have the patience or skill. Jewelry made from fabric may be the perfect solution. I found an Amy Butler pattern, but I may also strike out on my own and improv some styles.

Here are some photos for inspiration.
All images can be found on Flickr.


Miy said...

That idea made my day!
All the varieties of designs and styles and its eco-friendly chic would make fabric necklaces easy seasonal staples.

Ah, they'd be wonderful for summer. I hope they might make people stop wearing scarves in July where I live.

Nicole said...

I had this patten bookmarked as well. :) Did you ever try it? I'd be up for a night of fabric necklace making if you ever want!