Monday, April 20, 2009

Poppy and Aqua

Almost every Monday, Jenny from My Favorite and My Best showcases a color combo. She inspired me to do a little poking around. You see, my living room is a turquoise color and I cannot find an accent color that pleases me. I have a ton of red pillows, lamps, chochkees and accessories lying about, but I've been afraid to put these seemingly opposite colors together. No more! Check out the red and aqua palettes below. Heaven!


Kandice said...


Nicole said...

Love it! Our bedroom is turquoise and a soft chocolate brown, but I've always considered a orange of sorts to add in. This might be a great idea!

my favorite and my best said...

the shout out is lovely, but the combination is lovlier!! i am a big fan of this one too. big.
also, SHUT UP with this blog!! it is fucking GREAT!!! i am adding you to my daily reads! just as soon as i get thru every single post on here.