Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sarah's Top Ten Holiday Gift Guide

The gift giving season is upon us, dear readers, and while I'm opting for a mostly handmade Christmas here in our house, I still enjoy scouring shops for wonderful goodies made by others. This year, I've found some lovely new goodies to covet in addition to my stand-by favorite things. First, here are five goods that have made their way into the fabric of my life. 

From Aurora Shoe Co.
From Roxana Illuminated Perfume
Botanical Scents (my favorite is Noir)

From Taproot Magazine

From One Man's Trash (a favorite handmade jewelry haven of mine)

From the Watermark Bindery

I also love cocktail gifts. They're perfect for both my male and female friends, plus they have an elegant culinary feel. My two favorite drinks to make and imbibe are Gin & Tonics and Moscow Mules. My motto is always "give what you'd love to receive"!

Homemade Gin Kit

From Sur la Table
Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

I'm always on the hunt for sustainable, eco-savvy clothing and textiles. The three gifts below are perfect for almost everyone you know. The Turkish Towels are the ultimate multi-taskers. I've seen them used as scarves, towels, table cloths, baby slings and wrap skirts. The folded leaf skirt from Live the Life you Love, while I've not tried one on myself, looks like something I'd wear every day. The fabulous tee-shirts designed by Phoebe Wahl come in both male and female sizes. I've already ordered a few!

From Turkish T
From Phoebe Wahl and Taproot  | Tee Shirts
Feminism is FreedomSupport Local Farmers

So there you have it!
My top ten gifts for the season.
Enjoy the giving season, but remember to stay out of the malls this Thanksgiving.
Instead, patronize local artisans, shopkeepers and farms.


Rachel Anderson said...

For the record. . . I sent the package before I saw this post. ;)

Betsy said...

Great ideas!! thanks - xoxo

Sarah Greenman said...

OMG OMG OMG, Rachel!!!! I'm so excited.

Emily said...

My favorite hard liquor is Gin. May have to gift myself that one!